Cards Relocate Each Time I Restart My Browser

Below is a partial sceenshot of what the interface should look like. Note the 3 blue “bars” labled “Daily Low”, “Current” and “Daily High”.

If I exit my Chrome browser and restart it, the same sceen looks like the image below. Note that the 3 cards have relocated to the bottom right of the screen.

To “fix” this all I need to do is select the menu option “Configure UI” and without me making any changes, the 3 cards reposition back to the correct position as shown in the first image above. I simply end the “Configure UI” option and all is good until close and reopen Chrome.

Is this a bug or is there something I can do to “lock” these cards in the right place?

NOTE: Refreshing Chrome page has no effect on these cards position.

This how Lovelace works. It uses a card’s height to stack them all efficiently as it can. This changes when the available screen “realestate” changes.

If you want more control over it you can use vertical stack cards or the custom-layout-card.

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Of course… Somehow I got it in my head that you can only have one type (i.e. Gauge) in a verical/horizontal stack. Thanks for the info. Fixed my problem by removing the culprit cards and adding each to the top of the vertical stacks. Problem solved