Cards Shrink When Turning Devices Off (iOS App Version 1.5.1, Hass.IO Version 0.101.3)

I’m experiencing an issue where my cards will fill my iPhone X screen width wise when I open the app but will shrink down from the right side when I turn a device off using the toggle. When I turn a device back on, it will sometimes expand back to normal or sometimes stay shrunk. I have not noticed this before version 0.101.0. It appears that everything remains fully functional, just an aesthic issue.

Oh. I have seen the same behaviour. Thought this was related to my setup

Same here.
And not only in the app, also in a browser (FF) window when the card with the toggle is on the right side.

Filed an issue for it.

Thank you!

Does anyone know if this is fixed with 0.102.3?

No, .3 has no frontend fixes.