CarPlay - Favorites Tab

I didn’t see another area to suggest this for the companion app so I apologize in advance if there is a better place for this. In regards to the CarPlay app - could we get a tab for favorites? I have a lot of entities so scrolling through trying to find the thing I want is a bit cumbersome especially when driving. I have a few actions setup to handle this for now but one thing I can’t do is see the current state of the device.

For example I have an action to toggle the garage door. Unless I can physically see the door (or scroll to the entity in the list tab) I don’t know with just a glance what the state is. I could of course create both an open and close action but that’s precious real estate on the small car screen.

If anyone has alternative suggestions I’m open to ideas.


I still haven’t checked but do notifications work?

All my actionable notifications send notification verifying action has been performed. Would be nice if CarPlay did this. I thought emergency notifications came through

This idea is liberally requested in the 2024.1 announcement thread. I have voted and would love to see this implemented.

Within the “Favorites” (or whatever) tab–which, incidentally, would be the default tab that appears when the app is opened in CarPlay–I really only want to see the following (filterable) things:

  • cover & lock control (from the existing “Control” tab; is this just a toggleable entity that also shows state?)
  • Actions
  • Entities (maybe the same type as those items from the Control tab/first bullet, I’m not sure)
  • Scripts, maybe? But I could handle this with either Actions or Entities

I think… I think that’s it? And I’d want to show only those ‘things’ in that tab with show_in_carplay set to true. It’s nice to be able to access everything in the various tabs, but I really only need to interact with like 5-8 ‘things’:

  • garage doors
  • door locks
  • some Entities that set home state (home, away, vacation, guest) not mutually exclusive
  • some Actions that do various things (set house temp, maybe send notifications to other devices)

In the case of the Entities (covers, locks, etc.) it is awesome to be able to see state right there on the screen and be able to tap to toggle. For Actions… maybe secondary info could display last run timestamp or something like that. That way, you know when you’d tapped it since Actions don’t have states.

I’m giddy at the thought of having all of this stuff with states (if applicable) on one CarPlay screen. My use case is on my motorcycle, where I really can’t afford to tap, tap, tap, scroll, tap again all while looking at the screen to do what I need to do. Having HA on CarPlay solves a lot of issues for me.