CarPlay Support

Ah, OK ! That’s why !!!
Many thanks !

I have installed the beta version 2024.2 ( 2024.544) but nothing … can it be a CarPlay issue ?
I can provide more info if needed ( maybe tomorrow, now it’s time to go to bed for mw :slight_smile: )
thanks !

You need to install the beta version of the IOS app, instructions can be found here Join the Home Assistant beta - TestFlight - Apple

Thanks Thomsy.
I think i did everything : subscribed to test flight, then downloaded the HomeAssistant Beta App ( also deleted the previous one and then reinstalled the beta ) but in the CarPlay list still nothing.
Maybe I am missing some steps …
or Maybe is because i have a Toyota CH-R - retrofit apple CarPlay adapter : is a sort of linux box that transform my Toyota Infoteinment ( that is very poor ) adding the CarPlay capability : 'till now everything worked fine but “who knows”.
Anyway thanks …

Thanks to all : Finally I got it … A switch off / switch on of the phone was needed :slight_smile:

Thanks again !

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Good morning everyone, I read that Car Play is compatible with the iOS 16+ version. I, who own an iPhone 7 and therefore 15+, have any hope of making it work? I’ll tell you one thing if I connect my iPhone to CarPlay I don’t see the app, but if I first connect an iPhone with iOS 16 and then an iPhone 7 this works! Unfortunately until I turn the car off and on again…

It’s a good workaround. Thank you.
Note it fails in case you are traveling home on a bus with a bus stop next to your house. Similarly, it’s unwanted for a person traveling in the Car with me.

Still would like to have a sensor confirming the phone is CarPlay connected.

Is there a state that shows phone is connected to carplay?
I travel a lot for work and I would like to use to trigger a timer.

my condition looks like this.

Not to sound stupid but i am not familiar with that screen. Where did you create that on HA or carplay?

Anyone else also have a problem that not all areas are visible in the carplay app?

Its the condition part of the automation

Is there a way if the iPhone is connected to car1 to open garage1 or car2 to open garage2?

Isn’t automotive shown based on your velocity? I mean it turns into that when traveling by bus too.

I have an aftermarket wireless CarPlay device on a motorcycle. It connects to the phone via a local WiFi signal. I use that SSID to establish a “CarPlay connected” state with a template sensor. I assume all wireless CarPlay devices work the same.

I don’t know how you would do that for a wired connection, but I’m interested to find out.

CarPlay apps are rendered by the apps running on the phone. So such an app knows that it is connected to the CarPlay (regardless the method). Hence the request for the sensor reflecting this fact.

Alright, then the answer is “not at this time.”

Is there anyway to hide specific entities from showing in CarPlay, for example switches or lights?

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Home Assistant works great on Carplay, I’m very grateful!

But I would really like to see the ability to give and take away permissions to transfer objects to carplay. For example, I have the device switch.kitchen_1, switch.kitchen_2 and through the auxiliary object added light.kitchen_1, light.kitchen_2. As a result, in carplay you can see all 4 objects. Or for example there are a lot of objects like childlock on the humidifier and dishwasher that are not needed in the car.
It would be ideal to implement this as it is done in the voice assistant, where each object is given individual permission.

I think this is a homekit issue and not a carplay one.