CarPlay Support

Are there any plans to support CarPlay through the iOS Companion app?

Developers need a special entitlement from Apple in order to have a CarPlay app, and currently those are only granted to media player apps and navigation apps.

So it’s not possible currently unless Apple loosens those requirements down the line.

Too bad! I would love to have a button on the CarPlay screen to open the garage door…

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You can do this by using the Homekit integration and exposing any cover have have created in HA to represent your garage door. I have a DIY garage door opener through Tasmota and in to HA, and works so so well on CarPlay!

Do you have your garage door integrated to HA already?

Yes indeed, and I already exposed it to HomeKit through Home Assistant. I don not have a CarPlay radio yet. I did not know it would work out of the box…!

Do you also have a button on the radio display to open the door? Or is it only working through Siri commands?

Ok awesome, all you need is a CarPlay compatible radio, iOS 13 or greater and you are all set! As long as your garage is exposed in Homekit, when you are in proximity of your home it will appear on the dashboard on CarPlay automatically so you can open and close it. Or you can use Siri like you normally would on your phone.

This video shows the button in action, as I said it disappears and appears based on your location, will only show up when you are about 100m from your house. I use it religiously, works a treat!

LOL, I wanted to be able to build this and it turns out it already exists! :sweat_smile:

Just recently Apple updated the HomePod as well and it works wonderful as a door bell.
I love these small details!

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I have homeassistnt and HomeKit. But it doesn’t work for me?
Do I have to do some extra settings?

How does HomeKit know that I am now at my house? Where do I have to write my address?

I had the same question. You need to add your home address to your personal contact card/information. Then iOS knows where you live and can show you the garage button in Carplay.

How is this work? is there a step by step on how to do this? I mean to have the button available upon closing in the house?

There are videos on YouTube which show you how to build garage door openers and integrate.
But basically you need to build or buy a wifi garage door opener than connects in to Home Assistant, and then expose the entity in the HomeKit integration and it will then be in HomeKit. Once in HomeKit it will automatically be deleted by CarPlay and show up on the CarPlay Home Screen when you are in proximity of your house.