Carputer, HA and Zigbee dongle

I’ve just built a head unit for my car and am just thinking about other things I could do with it.

One idea would be to install HA on the Pi with a USB Zigbee dongle. I was then thinking that I could get, for example, a Zigbee 12v relay and wire it to the headlights so that I could switch the lights on once the lux level dropped to a certain value.

Obviously, this solution might be a big hammer to crack a small nut but it’s just something I fancy having a play with.

My question is whether HA will work with just a Pi and a Zigbee dongle rather than having to use a proprietary hub or cloud based service. If I can’t get it to work in the car then I might get another Pi and use it in the house so the question is still valid.


Why use zigbee, you could have a sensor direct wired into the pi. There are a number available for cheap.

But that would be easy :slight_smile: