Carrier Air Conditioner Wifi Controller


I just bought a wifi controller for my Carrier Air Conditioner systems in my house. The air conditioners work fine with google home, but I wanted to know if there is maybe a configuration on how to integrate the air conditioner into Home Assistant. My end goal is to have all our air conditioners in our house on the Homekit app through Home Assistant.

If anyone can help me it will be really appreciated.

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I’m sitting in the same boat, did you perhaps stumble across something yet?

No, sorry still looking for answers…

We found a solution. Using Local access instead of cloud access

Have Fun, it works great


For those still seeking a solution without jumping thru the “fake-cloud and or decrypting keys” hoops: GitHub - georgezhao2010/midea_ac_lan: Auto-configure and then control your Midea M-Smart devices (Air conditioners, Water heaters, Washers, Dryers, etc) via local area network.

This now supports even the tough to integrate OSK103 sticks, which previously had me resort to using custom soldered ESP-based solutions (which also work like a charm btw)

If you wish to have true local only however, the wisest choice would to go for the ESP-based sticks, and ditch the (rather expensive in comparison, carrier-wifi-sticks)