Carrier COR Smart Home integration

I have a newer home with Carrier COR thermostats. Both thermostats are linked successfully to the “Carrier COR smart home” App (ver.2.6).

Question is getting the t-stats to now talk to my HA instance (on the same Home IOT Lan).

Any help provided will be greatly appreciated.

I second this request! I have two of the same thermostats, same App version working on my OIT Lan but would like to integrate with Home Assistant. I’ve been searching for any info on this for weeks but have had no luck. As Karl said, any help is much appreciated.

Thanks All

Same here. It looks like its connected to the Ecobee service somehow…

Yes, I ran across that the other day but couldn’t figure out how that might work. However I am not a coder so it a bit above my head… :slight_smile: If I come up with anything I’ll comment here. Also, maybe someone else has found a way.

The issue from here is creating an ecobee developer account without owning an ecobee device *since we have carrier devices). I have a ticket in with ecobee, and will inform what they say.

Did you ever get anywhere with this? If I switch to another thermostat, I may lose a feature for dehumidifying so hoping I can get this integrated.

Negative, no luck. Ecobee service finally got to the point that the Carrier model 7C thermostat does not work on their system. I have been leaning towards a zigbee or zwave thermostat to replace them.