CASA.IA CTHS-317-ET - Visible in Deconz, but not in Phoscon

I’m working on HA with SSD on a Raspberry PI 4 about one week. When i have done some configurations like the xiaomi aqara integration. This is through Deconz / Phoscon with a Conbee II dongle (Please use a extension USB cable:-), otherwise the device will never appear.).
I have bought 2 x CASA.IA CTHS-317-ET - Temp-sensor with a probe.

Now i’m got stuck with this temp-probe. I have seen de device in Deconz, read it out.

But how do i get this in Home Assistant?:slight_smile: . It’s not vissible in Phoscon, even when i tried to read it and add a new sensor in Phoscon. Maybe it just some easy thing. Hope somebody can give a small direction?

Thanks in advance!


It look you need wait for the next stable deconz update.
Look here on the PR: Add Initial support for CASA.ia Temperature probe CTHS-317-ET by Smanar · Pull Request #5259 · dresden-elektronik/deconz-rest-plugin · GitHub

The next stable should come in the next weeks.

Hi, thanks a lot. I found another threat.. How do you get in the Phoscon beta version?

What you found is the original device request, the PR that I show you is the result of the device request.
The beta version did not come to HA, only the the stable version. But it look that the next stable 13.x is very near :slight_smile: so you just have to be patient.

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Thanks a lot!

The CASA.IA CTHS-317-ET is working in version 6.11.1 from Deconz in HA.

This topic can be closed.

Good news, I have Deconz 6.11.1 and unfortunately I’m not able to connect my CASA.IA CTHS-317-ET.
In conclusion to this topic, could you please provide us with your pairing procedure.


I have pressed the button on the back-side couple of times with the Phoscon-app searching for other sensors. First you see the LED flashing “red” and after a while “green”. It takes some time to pair with your network. When you’re pressing the sensor and it’s flashing “green” it mentioned that it’s already in the network.

I have read the device also manually via DeConz. Just read the nodes. Do you see the device there?

Thanks Blied1988

Following your procedure and after several attempts my sensor has been paired.

It’s working perfectly now. I was used to pair AQARA devices which is strait forward compared to this one. But AQARA doesn’t have temp sensor with external probe (as far as I know)