Casambi and Home Assistant


I’m planning to start with Home Assistant, but would like to know a few things which are Casambi related:

  1. Anno 2024, what’s the situation about Casambi integration in HA? Are there good integrations available? If so, which ones? Do they need some dev key I should acquire as a user?
  2. How easy is it to code an integration myself, in the sense of availability of the Casambi API (dev key needed? What does it cost? Is it guaranteed to get it?) and feature-wise (how fleixble is it? Are a lot of features possible? Or is it way too strict/closed?)?
  3. More concretely: let’s say I would like something complex, like when a water leak is detected by a Zigbee water sensor, is then possible to put on a certain Casambi bulb/luminary (through HA of course)? Or let’s say I want to turn off a group of Casambi bulbs/luminaries, when another certain bulb is on for a certain amount of time? Are these types of things possible? If so, I would guess integration is quite good. Or do I see this wrongly?
  4. What’s supported best on HA? Casambi or Zigbee based stuff?

Thanks for getting me on track!