CASAMBI BLE Light Support

I’m looking to control CASAMBI drivers with Home Assistant. Casambi website. Casambi uses bluetooth LE to control lights. Is this possible?

Hi. I see this was requested a long time ago. I cannot find any documentation that confirms if this is now integrated.

Status - 1 year later - Casambi recently updated their firmware to “evolution” grade release. This doesn’t mean that it is any shape or form talking to anything else than their own app. ;-((((

Statement - Casambi system is not compatible with any Smart Home systems such as Google Home, Alexa, Apple HomeKit etc. This means that Casambi enabled luminaires cannot be controlled with these solutions. At this point we are not looking into adding this possibility.

To all HAS developers - will Home Assistant be the first platform to support this? :wink: