Caseta Enigma

I’ve posted about this a few times on Reddit (see for a detailed post), but just came across another oddity.

As in the post linked above, I’ve noticed that Caseta dimmers have a 1-3 second delay when triggered by a motion sensor, whether done natively in the Caseta app with no HA integration, or through either a Caseta or Hue motion sensor via HA (haven’t tested other motion sensors). There is no delay when turning the switch on directly from the HA dashboard or the Caseta app.

Today I decided to try to trigger the switch with an Aqara door sensor, and was surprised that there was zero delay - the Caseta dimmers instantly turned on!

How is a motion trigger different than a door sensor trigger or an on/off command from the dashboard? It doesn’t make sense, but there must be something different either in HA or the Caseta programming.

This has been driving me nuts for nearly a year and I feel like I am close to the answer, but can’t get quite there. I would sincerely appreciate the community’s input!