Cast card to Google Nest Hub

Hi, I’m trying to understand how to cast a card to Google Hub with the new 0.97 release.
I would be thankful for any help.

The entire View is cast instead of a card.

You can test it here.

Thank you, I successfully trigger the cast from chrome in my laptop to the Hub and other devices.
I guess I can trigger this from Google Hub directly or by voice command but this is a start:)

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A Cast configuration was added to the Entities Card in 0.97 that I haven’t tried yet. We’ve had the service to Cast for a while now, which can be linked to a Google Hub voice command through an automation, but I don’t know how to Cast the View that way (nor if it’s even possible).

Hi all,

Thought I’d ask here instead of starting a new thread.

I’m casting Lovelace to my Nest Hub and all is great except I can’t get the background of the view to change from white.

I’ve set a system wide theme of AMOLED as well for the view and the card. When I cast it, the cards are black but the background remains white.

Any help?

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When I try and use the type: cast I get an error saying “type not recognised”.

I’m new to cast so I may be misunderstanding the functionality.

My thinking is that defining a card as cast makes it automatically appear on the cast devices, is that correct?