Cast Devices and Plex Devices No Longer Working in 0.67.1

I am no longer able to see my cast devices or plex devices in Home Assistant. I have even turned on the discovery option and they don’t show up. Any advice on this?

Does anyone have any advice on this. It seemed to have stop working in 0.63.3 I just kept downgrading until it seemed to show back up in home assistant again

0.63 introduced entity registry. Are you sure that’s not causing your problems? I’ve seen many posts about cast and plex working in many versions between 63 and 68.

I went to my entity_registry.yaml file and verified my entities were name correctly (which they weren’t for the plex entities) This seemed to fix my plex entities but did not fix the cast devices or google speakers which were name correctly.

Everything now has a value_id associated with it, have you checked the value id of the cast device against whats in the entity_registry.unique_id?

I can’t figure out how to look at the the value I’d from the cast device. I see what it is in the .yaml file but don’t know what to compare it to. The cast devices are in there but do not show up

I tried deleting my entity_registry.yaml file and restarting. The cast devices do not show up in the new file.