Cast: option deprecated, but I need it for whitelisting

On startup I always get;

The ‘cast’ option near /config/configuration.yaml:0 is deprecated, please remove it from your configuration

But I need this to specify which UUID I want to allow in Home Assistant because I don’t care to have every Chromecast on my network visible to HAS.

# restrict google cast in HA to only seeing mini speaker chromecast
# chrome audio on denon
    - uuid: "4bd98b0e-654b-4d27-d48d-3c8177da85e8"
# mini speaker 
    - uuid: "4bcac387-f3ac-fafb-40ec-aa2f27595904"
# mini speaker 2
    - uuid: "4be94136-a30f-dbcd-dee5-a6e23c697ee5"

Is the error in the log just something I have to deal with now, or is there a more elegant way to whitelist that won’t spit errors?

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These options now seem to be set in the integrations ui.

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