Cast problems - 2023.4 - dashboards

Hi All,

The following:

When I press a button normally my cast starts displaying a dashboard.
Now when I press the button it keeps hanging on the “Connected” screen automation:

(Note both of these actions produce the same)

Now If i do this from a dashboard:

it magically works and shows the dashboard…

I dont get any errors in my docker logs, and it did work prior…
a helpful hint would be welcome.

Ah found this problem on git:

So its not just me… glad i am not going crazy

Have a similar problem though it seems to have started in the last 2024.2 set. Mine also locks up but it will try to reset the connection several times first and then usually break with being stuck on connecting

Seems to be fixed in 2024.3.2

Correct its building as we type a little more patience :smiley:

i see it is fixed, but on my Nest Hub i get “connected” and then only a blank screen, while, using the cast option from my Panasonic TV i can see the dahsboard…
Anyone else has this behaviour?