Cast.show_lovelace_view is missing the history data

I am not sure are these related at all but after updating HassOS 4.14 lovelace cards lost the history data when casted on Google devices. For instance the card below shows only the state 2.5 C but not the graph when casted on Google Nest Hub or chromecast unit. With HassOS 4.13 I did not see this problem.


EDIT: Rebooting the Host System fixed the problem for me

This came back - reboot and restart does not help. None of history data is showing, only actual state of the entity can be seen.

Can anyone help please?


Did someone find a solution for this.


I never found a solution - I have seen this as a problem for other people also. I opened an issue of this - please comment in github to speed up solution for this matter.

I have the same issue here.
Using HA 2021.4.6

A lot of users have this problem. I did not find a solution yet.