Cast Specific song or playlist from youtube music

hello all,

i’m trying to simply tell a google home from home assisant to play a specific song or playlist .

here’s how im doing the action via an automation:

the url entered is: YouTube Music (dance monkey in this case)

The error in logs is: Please make sure the URL is: Reachable from the cast device and either a publicly resolvable hostname or an IP address

i have nabu casa setup and working external (interval url and external url)

i have youtube music premium so perhaps that’s the issue?

I’d greatly appreciate any help

thank you

surely someone has gotten this to work it seems like a pretty common feature to be used? i mainly want to use it with my magic cube to play a playlist on a side. but plenty of other use cases

EDIT: I resolved this by using: GitHub - KoljaWindeler/ytube_music_player: YouTube music player for homeassistant

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