Cast Video to TV

Hi all,
Been adding more and more to my home assistant installation, camera’s, alarm, modbus, kiosk touch screen, raspberry mopidy speakers, I love figuring stuff out and getting it to work better and better without any programming education. Now I was wondering if there is a way too cast a video stream to my tv. so like when im watching tv and the doorbel is ring or there is motion in the yard the tv switches too the camera feed and back too tv. I think the programming shouldn’t be that hard but what kind of hardware do i need ?
thx Bas

Depends, if you’re using an HDMI input all the time, you could get a remote-controlled HDMI splitter.
Connect your media player or whatever and a Raspberry Pi that’s standing by to stream the camera to the input (output to the TV) and have it switch inputs when the doorbell is ringing (IR Transmitter on the Pi)