Casting Anything (including android_ip_cameras) through google cast

Hi there,

Finally, after few months of digging around I managed to integrate Home Assistant with google cast. So, for example, I can cast video feed from my android_ip_camera to my TV using Google Assistant intend Activate Living Room Camera.

This solution however can be used to cast anything that browser can consume, using any trigger that is integrated with Home Assistant.

Details how to configure all the pieces are on my blog:

If you have any questions or ideas how to make it simpler, feel free to let me know.



I see that this works if you don’t a password setup on your android ip webcam. Does anyone know if it is possible to cast the url with a username and password?

It should be possible passing the basic auth through URL, eg: http://login:[email protected]:8080/browserfs.html

I tried it and got a black screen. Entered that in my browser and it worked without asking for the login. Must be a special way to enter it into AutoCast.

Hmm, it seems that Chromecast doesn’t supports basic auth. So, if you want to do this you probably needs to create some proxy like nginx, and secure it with passing some token through get parameters.