Casting doorbell video feed faster / avoiding "Playing default media receiver"

I have a Reolink Video doorbell and a “Chromecast with Google TV” device, and have wired them together using Node-RED so when the visitor event triggers, the video feed is shown on the TV.

However, first I get a blank screen for about a second, then I get the Cast icon in the middle of the screen with a progress bar, then “Playing Default Media Receiver” with the same animated progress bar, then finally the video feed after maybe 5 seconds.

This is frustrating because:

  1. I frequently have the privilege of receiving deliveries via Evri, a courier whose delivery people have a timeout which is shorter than the time it takes the video feed to reach my TV, and sadly is not configurable.

  2. This is not how it works in movies, and I feel like this effect is really cramping the style of my supervillian hideout aesthetic.

Is there a better way to do this?

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