Casting magic with a Kymera Wand

“The Wand Company” is a delightful and imaginative brand that specializes in creating enchanting wands for the modern witch, wizard, or anyone who wants to add a touch of magic to their daily life.

My hardcore Harry Potter fan of a kid’s favourite is, of course, the “Kymera Wand”, the world’s first real magic wand (their words, not mine!):

This nifty little device recognizes 13 different motions and emits a different IR signal for each motion. The actual signals can be taught when in learn mode.

To integrate this into Home Assistant, my project consists of a simple IR receiver running ESPHome (config provided) and an automation blueprint to give quick access to assign actions to each of the wand’s motions. For example, the “Big swish”: (I’m told this is the most satisfying spell to cast)

See my repo for all the details: qip-ha/kymera-wand/ at a0d11a06994239f3682572d08926055b068100b9 · qualIP/qip-ha · GitHub

When I get my hand on a Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver, you can be sure I’ll drop a receiver in every room of the house and disrupt energy fields everywhere I go!

Let me know if you think this is useful or inspires your own project.

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