Casting my "music dashboard" - album art is replaced by ”generic image”

I am playing around to create a dashboard with media control / albumart and so on. This dashboard I want to cast to my Google Nest 2 in my kitchen, triggered by that music is played, the casting works fine and also the controls…

…but the album art gets kind of boring (see image)…any idea why it is like this?

The album art looks fine when showing the dashboard in my browser.

Similar problem is described here:

I have the exact same problem. Added a comment in the Issue. I think its a problem with the Google cast integration and not the Plex integration.

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@nikno, have you found a way to get around this problem? There seems to be no development.

I have not played around with it that much lately - but did a try just now as below.

Here is a mix of 2 different players - the ones to the left are both of type custom:mini-media-player (I think I got from HACS) while the one to the right is “the normal” type media-control (!), which then shows some artwork…

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I have figured out that this has something to do with the reference (url) to the artwork. I am using the custom-sonos-card and this card uses the entity_picture attribute from the media_player entity to get the artwork.

This URL is HA local adress. I made a fork of the custom-sonos-card where i added my local HA IP adress as a prefix to the enity_picture url and this made the nesthub show the artwork.

If the enity_picture url would be http://[HA-IP]:8123[entity_picure_url_as_of_now] it should work on the nesthub.

I will try the normal media-control card! :slight_smile: