Casting ring doorbell video to my google hub (NodeRed)

It’s a bit of a hack, and it took me some time, but quite proud with my results.
With ring only sharing the current video url and not allowing live view.
So basically, I created a loop that will keep the current url in memory until it changes, as soon as it changes, it is cast to my 2 google hubs.
That means, there is a delay on it. I also built a max runtime, just in case the url doesn’t update.

Here is the screenshot of my setup:

I also created 3 switches in HA which control whether i want to disable a single hub cast, or general disable all:


Wonder if I can make this happen and cast to my Nvidia shield (has a google cast option)

The cast is receiving the message from the template before where I supply the following information:

{% set payload = {
  "url": state_attr('camera.front_door','video_url'),
  "ip": state_attr('device_tracker.google_nest_hub','ip'),
  "contentType": "video/mp4"
} %}

{{ payload | to_json }}

I suspect for shield it should be quite the same. (the device_tracker.google_nest_hub comes from Unifi controller in my case

If you’d like more specifics about the node red setup above, let me know.

you could try the cast on it’s own without other logic to see if it works

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here is the node red view of the “Hub Bureau” template just before the cast:

This is my cast node setup:

That’s right, nothing set up in that one, it’s reading all from the template msg.payload

Can you share your Node Red code for this solution? I would really like to try this.

This should be it:

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