Casting with custom cards and themes?

Hi All,

Happy new year folks!

I have a new nest home hub courtesy of Santa :slight_smile: so playing with the new-ish casting capability added in 0.97 (iirc), but I am having issues to use my existing dashboard view…

  1. Custom cards mostly dont work… Is there any list of custom cards that are compatible with casting?
  2. I cannot get theming to work on the casted view - I set the view theme via lovelace editor, but its not respected by casting…

Any help much appreciated!

I am having the same issues, mainly the Theme not showing. Did you ever find any resolution?

No I didnt. I kinda gave up.
I didnt hear any more about cast capability. Seems its not being exapanded much.

Still no answer here? I’m almost certain someone has done it, or maybe we should just use CATT for this instead of HASS.