Cat tracking

I have a two cats and litter robot. I have connected the litter robot to home assistant but I would like to know which cat uses the litter robot. Is there an off-the-shelf solution that anyone know maybe with NFC tags?

We just got the litter robot 4. It has a weight sensor to track the cats. Unfortunately the 4 is not compatible with the HA integration yet. But maybe when it is, it will pick up that sensor. Now you just have to run out and spend $700 on a litter box. Like I did. Because I’m an idiot.

I’ve got the 3 and don’t think you’re an idiot to spend major bucks on the LR. It’s been great for us.

Now if you’re spending 700 to upgrade from a 3 to a 4 for this, that’s a bit rich for my blood.

Ha ha, I hear you! Actually, we sort of got lucky. We only had the 3 for a short time before they announced the 4. So they allowed us to send back the 3 for a full refund.

Just got the Litter Robot 4. We have 3 cats and would like to keep track of their weights. Do you guys know if there are any plans to maybe upgrade the LR4 to keep track of individual cats?
I am guessing they could offer an RFID reader or similar you could add to it unless they already have one built into the unit we don’t know about.

You could setup / try facial recognition.

I read that as faecal recognition! :joy:

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