Catastrophic core failure after Frigate add-on crash - advice needed for logging and debug

Here’s what happening. It appears as though the Frigate add-on crashes and then for some reason, that crashes the deCONZ add-on and then HA core crashes too all the way to the point where I can’t even ping HA any more so the ability to SSH and check or restart anything has gone.

This has happened about 5~6 times over the last 12 months on two different hardware platforms, with the last two events happening in the past 7 days on my new Core i5 Beelink SEi12. In typically ‘smoke detector battery warning’ fashion, the last two episodes happened at 0400 and 0200. :slightly_frowning_face:

The only way to recover HA is to force shutdown the hardware and reboot. Arghh!!!

I have an Uptime Kuma monitor on my Synology NAS that polls the MQTT topic frigate/available and checks for the payload online which is the only way I get notified something has failed.

Because I had to hardware reboot the box to get it back online, the log files for HA and Frigate are clean so my question is this.

Is it possible to add debug logging to logger that will create persistent logs files for Frigate, deCONZ and ZWave JS server so I can possibly identity what caused the first event? These may already be persistent but before I head down that path, I’m looking for best practices to set this up to give me the best chance of finding the problem should this happen again.

As my hot water cylinder and other mission critical home devices are controlled by HA, I’m going to be walking with a limp soon after I can’t get this fixed :yum:

EDIT: I’ve just found the add-on Logspout which I’ve configured to ‘talk’ to my Synology syslog server using the following config so hopefully that will help?

  - syslog+udp://<NAS.IP>:514
env: []
hostname: homeassistant
  default: warning
    pydeconz: debug
    homeassistant.components.deconz: debug
    homeassistant.core: fatal
    custom_components.frigate: debug

Just happened again an hour ago so wondering if anyone has got any advice please? :cry:

Syslogs not showing anything but that maybe because I haven’t done anything special with logger yet.

Having exactly the same issue. But I think frigate crashes the whole home assistant computer.
It can’t be reached by anything anymore. not even a keyboard and monitor is detected.

Good to know I’m not going mad! Mine was happening under Frigate 11.x too though albeit a lot less frequently. I’ve now had three failures under v12 and the new 12th gen core i5 in the last 7 days. Sadly, Frigate has now been disabled until I get some direction on the best way to capture useful logs when HA crashes.

There are now multiple tickets open 6447, 6469 and 6485.