CatGenie A.I

The CatGenie is an automatic self-washing litter box for your Catto.

In late 2019 they released a new version of their product which they call “CatGenie A.I.”
It has an app that you pair with it to receive information about your cat’s bowel movements (and notifications about being out of cleaning solution I suppose are important, too).

Could an integration for this service be created?

I would like to figure this out, as well!

Does CatGenie have a public API?


I’m just checking to see if anyone has made any traction on this. It sounds like Litter Robot has an integration, so I’m not sure why Cat Genie would not want to compete and make an api available to leverage in this case.

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Any update on this? Thanks!

I am thinking not; but I would love to be wrong.