CC2652P based coordinator "disconnected" overnight

I’ve been running Home Assistant for a several months now as my second system, which controls the “weird IKEA stuff” that Hubitat doesn’t support, plus creating dashboards and a few other things.

Initially I was using the container version but recently spun up a new build using the 64-bit version of HASS OS on a Raspberry Pi4.

With both versions of HA, my CCP2652P based coordinator (used with zigbee2mqtt) has been rock solid and has stayed connected to either of the Raspberry Pi devices I had it connected to.

This morning I noticed several of my automations didn’t work (luckily they were ones that didn’t affect the Mrs :smile: ).
Checked the room where the coordinator was, and the green LED was off.
Checked the logs to see when it dropped or what may have caused it to drop off.
Nothing was visible in the logs as to what happened.

For future reference, since I would have nuked any logs that may have shown what happened, is there a way to see more of the logs (i.e. go back further in time) than what is shown on the supervisor screen?

Timewise, all I know is that everything was working when I went to bed at 2 AM and the 7 AM automation didn’t get acted upon (the automation fired in HA, but the coordinator was off).

Unplugged and replugged the coordinator; the green LED came on briefly and then shut off again.
Did a restart of the host and that brought it back, but unfortunately most of my Ikea Tradfri buttons (On/Off Dimmer and Shortcut) are no longer working.

Re-pairing with the coordinator works but the buttons are still not functioning.

The only changes I’ve made was to add a Sonoff S31 zb lite outlet to introduce a repeater to the second network, and I updated to 2021.12.7 last night.

I wouldn’t think adding a repeater into a battery powered button-only zigbee network would cause a problem.
The release notes for 2021.12.7 didn’t show anything obvious that might have trigged this.

Anyone encounter something similar recently?

After many many hours of screwing around and having to move the devices between ZHA and zigbee2mqtt, I finally have all of the devices functioning again the way they were before the glitch took them out of service.