Cc2652r vs cc2531 on network with many routers

Hi all,

I am about the join the home automation game and wanted to check some things with the experts.

Given the benefits of ZigBee (Multirouting, latency - sadly not price), I am planning to utilize zigbee (vs. wifi) whenever suitable and there is no vastly cheaper alternative (like the $4 Xiaomi Temperature sensors that I already got :-)).

I am planning to use these mains connected devices on 3 floors that the house has:

  • 7x Blitzwolf BW-SHP13 Power metering plugs on floors 1+2
  • 8x Smart bulbs on floors 2+3 (no decision on concrete model yet but will zigbee)
  • 14 power switches (in-wall) across the floors for light control
  • 5x LED Strip controller on floors 2+4

and the battery powered devices:

  • 14x Smart Switch (lighting)
  • 7x Smoke&Gas Detector
  • 10x heating thermostat
  • 17x Window/Door Sensors
  • 2x Motion Sensors
  • 2x Wireless Button

My main question is regarding the zigbee coordinator: I read that the latest cc2652P or even cc2652R have the best range. Given that in my setup all power plugs, bulbs and switches (that should theoretically act as routers) would there be any difference between a widely available cc2531 coordinator or one of the newer coordinators?

the other devices will be either connected via ethernet or wifi (e.g. cameras, doorbell, etc.)

Do you in general see an issue with the number of devices or the setup? HA will run on a dedicated machine (an old zotac CI320 nano) on the lowest floor

I think I have answered this one myself. Newer chipset still make sense in terms of capabilities, ability to add many devices (battery powered) and routers…