CCT Channel Error with my Athom LS4P-WLED Strip Controller


I habe many WLED stips in my home. All with the Athom LS4P controller.

The last one that i setup cannot be detected on Home Assistant. I get the error

I am using a LED strip, WS2811, exactly the same as my other setups.

Any suggestion what to do?

Actions talen so far

  • enabled disabled white balance
  • update to the latest WLED firmware
  • factory reset

Here i want to add that suddenly (i dont know when) all my Athom devices are not recognised through WLED app and are accessible through web browser, only through home assistant except the last one that i mentioned above.

From my understanding, their CCT devices aren’t working within HA anymore, which is a major pain since I just purchased 8 bulds and didn’t know until I too tried to add them. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :rage: