CCT WW/CW LED panel without built-in controller

I have a zigbee gledopto LED controller that can drive CCT WW/CW LED lights.

I am looking for a compatible LED panel. Does anyone have a recommendation?

What do you mean “LED panel”?

I mean a rectangular flat light source with LED technology to mount on the ceiling or a wall.

Most LED panels I find online seem to be complete packages including a controller/driver powered by 230V AC, no smart home connectivity, and some proprietary wireless remote control.


That is going to be tough thing to find. Most lighting technology created after the incandescent bulb has/needs at least a little ‘smarts’ to work. That said, give a search for ‘COB LED panel’, there might be something there for you. Below is a link to one product, good hunting!

Annoying isn’t it.

You can probably rip out the controller that comes with it, and substitute your own but tou’d have to know what you are doing.

Yes, I would be very careful there. Some of the LED panels and lights that are ‘dumber’ run 100+ volt levels on the LED side. Easy to miss.

Thanks! Given the risk of incompatibility with my zigbee driver, I think I will stick to LED strips then instead of one larger LED panel.


The universe of LED strips is another ‘black hole’ to go down, hope you find a ‘glowing’ solution…

Be aware of the power requirements of various LED strips and lengths, people often ASSume LED’s do not draw any power, far from true. And from ‘experience’ be careful of leaving the LED strips on the roll and not unrolled while testing. Rolled up and full on for a while and you will end up with a melted blob of plastic and LEDs…

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