CCTV Image with odd artifacts

Hi there.

Hassbian running on raspberry pi 2 version 0.92.

I have integrated both IP cameras and cameras running on a DVR via an RSTP stream. The IP cameras look great however i’m struggling with DVR streams. In the static image preview i’m getting odd “streaks”. Sometimes they are there, sometimes they are not. Sometimes its on one camera sometimes its on another.

I’m not using the stream function. I have tried that but the stream struggles to buffer well enough so i’m happy to have non stream version just to see whats going on. Is it something obvious that i’m missing?

Could it be a DVR issue? There is a secondary stream at a lower resolution but that has a similar output. When hooking into the stream via vlc there is a delay to start it but once its running its fine.

The DVR system is a cheap sansco system but it has a lot of settings i can adjust regarding the stream. If you need more info that would help please let me know.



Are these cameras connected via WiFi, or hardwired Ethernet?

Everything is wired apart from one of the IP cameras. The DVR and Pi are in the same switch.

This is camera side issue. Network or HDD. basically full frame image was not streamed/encoded/transcoded and you end up with this streaking

This is direct stream from camera or from NVR/DVR?
maybe lower framerate can help?

Its direct from the DVR. I’ll have a play with a lower frame rate and see if the results are any different.

Maybe look at recorded video to see if it shows there. Would indicate inability of DVR to stream from HDD.

CCTV so no IP cam correct?else try direct RTSP from cam

Honestly it is not big issue unless constantly occur but annoying.

The recorded video is fine when viewing direct on the DVR. I do have IP cams but they aren’t affected. Its only the DVR cams which are. There’s no direct stream from the cam as its via the DVR.

You are right its not a massive issue but if its an easy fix i’ll def want to give it a try.


The snapshot feature of my amcrest nvr seemed to always do this even when using the URL directly… lowering the quality in my camera settings would help a little. Ultimately changing to using FFMPEG and the RTSP stream instead of the amcrest component (which used the snapshot feature to get the image) I stopped having the issue awhile ago.

What are your camera settings in your configuration.yaml ? Brand of camera? Brand of DVR…

What type of DVR is it?

The DVR is a Sansco S4D4C1T. The cameras are branded sansco as well but I assume they are just a whitelablled enclosure with generic guts. I’ve adjusted the FFMPEG config to include -vf scale=640:480 that seems to have reduced the issue somewhat. Which is good. Three specific things have happened. It seems to display the thumbnail quicker (i am waiting less time for the initial image to appear), but the instances of streaks has reduced and the thumbnail seems to update quicker as well.

I’m not 100% sure what the -vf switch does but i’m assuming its adjusting the incoming stream to a lower quality which i’m guessing points to a stream quality/bandwidth issue.

I’m certain Lower framerate or resolution will improve this

Possibly Better HDD but I doubt this. I thinks R/W and transcode to video stream is creating issue…just play with this settings to get best mix quality/resolution/reduced streaking

What is the URL You are using to the FfMpeg camera configuration