CCU3 and RedMatic


today is my first day using HomeAssistant and I need your help please.
I installed HA on a RaspPI 4. I also installed HACS to integrate my Homematic CCU3 into HA.
I added a Zigbee antenna to my CCU3 and installed RedMatic on my CCU3 to integrate Zigbee devices into CCU3 / Homematic. Inside CCU3/RedMatic the devices are accessible and work well.
Inside HA I go to the devices page and see lots of CCU3 devices. So far HACS seems to be correctly installed.
Now I also want to see the Zigbee devices (connected to the CCU3) in HA - how can I do that please?

Thanks for any help :slight_smile:

That’s not supported by the HomeMatic integration. I don’t know much about Node Red. If it has the option to expose it’s data via API, then maybe you can access it remotely from Home Assistant. But typically you would hook up the Zigbee Antenna directly to the Home Assistant machine and use a Zigbee software there.


thnaks for reply, I connected the antenna now directly to my HA RaspPi