Ceceiving and sending SMSs via gammu-smsd

I’ve problem with sending/receiving SMSs via installed gammu-smsd software.

  • APU4d4 A64/x86 based board under Debian 10/Python 3.8
  • gammu-smsd software installed as standalone daemon
  • Lenovo F5521gw GSM/GPS modem in miniPCI express socket.

I can send/receive SMSs directry via gammu-smsd (e.g. gammu-smsd-inject for send SMS) but I have no idea how to do it from HomeAssistant… I tried set configuration in configuration.yaml as shown on page:

but it’s in conflict with existing gammu-smsd configuration.

I need to stay with OS directly sending method and additionally I want to send/receive SMSs from HomeAssistant Automation. How to do it?