Cecotec BigDry Integration?

I am looking for Cecotec Big Dry 4000 Expert Black Connected integration.
Any specific integration? Or any general integration of dehumidifiers that can be compatible with?


@markelonate did you found a solution yet? I’m interested too

No, Sorry.

Also looking for it! Works with Alexa and the binding process was exactly like sonoff devices so must be “easy”


I setup my Cecotec dehumidifiers with the Tuya app. Then I created a development account on Tuya website and make the appropriate configurations. Finally I setup tuya devices on Home Assistant.
And this is the only way I find to integrate Home Assistant with Cecotec dehumidifiers. I hope that Cecotec make a plugin that allow us to integrate directly, because some features and sensors are not available on Home Assistant. But at least you can turn on and off and make some automations.


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Any news? I am looking for information for the case

I’m looking for an integration too.

How did you manage to pair it with alexa?
I haven’t been able to.

EDIT: well, nvm. the Tuya workaround provided by Alex worked perfectly and it was easy to do.
sorry about the necro. :sweat_smile: