Ceiling fan controller

Is there any kind of add-on controller for a ceiling fan. I have 4 fans that have 3 speeds and 3 that have an integrated light as well. I have ZWave and Zigbee available.


For all four of our ceiling fans, I have separate Zwave switches for the 3-speed fans and lights. For one of these I had to cut out a hole in the wall for the extra switch.

I’m happy with my HS-FC200+ zwave device from Homeseer.

For the ones with lights, do you have separate wall switches for them already?

I have several of the GE Enbrighten fan switches that have been rock solid for several years.

If you are willing to use wifi the Sonoff iFan04 works well.

Depending on where you are located (120v or 240v mains) you need to make sure you get the one with the correct voltage rating.

I am happy with Sonoff iFan03 switching my 3-speed fan + light

Yes I have separate Zwave switches for the fan lights.

If you already have separate control for the lighting, then the GE fan switches will fit the bill. Or the HomeSeer. The market for Z-based fan switches is pretty slim.

I believe that Inovelli had a dual switch for fan/light, but I no longer see it.

I just have a normal light switch to turn on/off the fan/light itself

How does this switch control the fan speed?? I looked at the install sheet and it looks like any other switch install.

These switches were discontinued. If you want to know why, it’s all documented on their forum.

Honestly, I’ve never used the physical switch to adjust the speed; only for off/on. Once paired, you have options for setting the speed from HA.

Is there a second device that is installed within the fan perifery itself then?


Can you clarify your current setup? For the fans with a light, is there one or two switches (one switch for fan; second switch for light)?

I presume the former. If so, there is no available option I’m aware of for a Z device that can control the light and fan speed. The closest you can get is a dual relay where you can toggle them on/off separately but it doesn’t give you fan speed control. That may not be an issue depending on how often you need to adjust the fan speed. I know for me, that’s a rare occurrence.

The only other option to get dual control would be if you happen to have 12/14-3 ran from the switch to the fan instead of normal 12/14-2. You’d have to visually check each end for a spare wire. If it is there, then you can definitely replace the switch box and add another switch using that extra wire.

Besides that, you’re looking at a WiFi based controller that can go into the canopy.

Thanks for the clarification. I only have a single switch for any of them. Probably put this project on the back burner for now. Thanks for the info tho.