Ceiling fan DIY Entity

Hey hey I need some ideas
I have a couple ceiling fans with DL-4112 remotes

Anyway, I have them all learned and working with a linknlink ehub (awesome)

BUT - don’t have an actual ‘device’ for each fan in Home assistant.
I use service calls to call the functions of the remote, but I would like to build a ‘device’ in home assistant where I can define the functions as RF service calls.

Something like fan.bedroom and fan.living_room, that I could then expose to google home and say ‘turn the bedroom fan on low’. I can automate it in HA using service calls, sure, but that’s a grip of automations, and clunky, and would then require writing google routines to call HA automations, which seems like a brute force solution.

Any ideas? What would you’all do?

You could create a template fan but (I’m assuming…) you don’t have any feedback from the device to tell the system the actual state. So you would need to build some sort of “fake” state displays. The problem then becomes that if the device gets controlled outside of HA (like with the remote) then HA will have no idea what the actual state is.

So there really isn’t a good way to get those types of devices to work reliably.

I used to have a couple of ceiling fans that worked the same way and I used a Broadlink via HA to control the fan & light. They worked OK as long as nobody used the actual remote but as soon as they did it all fell apart and I would have to jump thru some hoops to get HA synced back up. I actually got to the point I hid the actual remote so people would stop messing things up.

I don’t have those anymore.

The state part is actually not too hard, mainly because I don’t use the light.
In re the fan: I will just use the speed controls as dedicated ‘on’ switches, and then macro ‘slow, then power toggle’ to reliably turn it off.

But I want a way to program these functions in a google-home passable way
The logic is all there, and I could brute force it…
But I’d rather have some sort of mutli-selector Boolean fan entity that I pass to Google home, and on the home assistant side I can manage all the service calls

Idk if that even makes sense :wink:

That said - what is this ‘template fan’? I am to the docs