Ceiling Fan Recommendations

Looking for ceiling fan recommendations?

I’m starting from scratch with regard to the fan itself so I’m looking for low profile fans but something I can add to my HA build without too much hassle.

Thoughts, ideas, what to avoid, etc

Thank you!

I settled for a dumb one with a mechanical three speed switch and a Fibaro single switch to turn it on and off. I do not really miss not having HA speed control. The fibaro is tucked away in the foot.

Need to know where you are for specific reccommmendations as device types and availability are tied to geography.

That said. For me, dumb fan, smart fan switch or controller. Allows best mix of style/availability and control.

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I’m in the US. I’m open to dumb fans and switches or smart fans, whatever, just looking.

In that case most of my setup is ZWave for lighting. I have independent hots from my boxes to the fans for both lights and fan control. I used to use GE/Jasco fan controllers for all my ceiling fans and just pick up an appropriate Hunter (or your favorite brand) and call it a day.

Jasco made a decision to not allow control of the LED on the fan control device in the newest version (behavior change from earlier versions, you used to ebe able to specify on when off or on when on or always off.) so I’ve picked up a Leviton ZWave fan controller as my spare (I always have a spare in inventory for each device clas so have) and will use that the next time I need a fan controller.

Other options, for US ZWave include Zooz and Inovelli (if you can find it in stock) the inovelli device is interesting in that its a two part installation where part installs inside your wiring cowl on the fan and allows independent fan/light controls even if you only have power to the fen from the switch.

You could also pick up a Zigbee fan (i think Hunter makes them) or if you get a fan with an RF controller, you could look at something like the Bond device to integrate.

Im still a ‘fan’ of dumb fan, smart control though.

Good luck!

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I going to try treatlife fan and light smart switch.