Ceiling fan w/ light

I’m looking for ideas on how to solve the issue of controlling a ceiling fan and it’s attached light kit with limited space in the switch box. When I rewired it I did run 14-3 romex so I can control them independently from each other. Unfortunately due to the size of the stud bay and location I could only fit a 3-gang box, and it is required by code to have an outlet for the counter. I also have a Zen22 dimmer for the recessed lights leaving only one spot open for a switch for both the fan/light. I know Lutron has a combination light/fan “dumb” switch but there is no way to connect that. I had a thought about installing the GE fan control in the switch box, and installing a micro dimmer module in the canopy for the lights. The issue then is local physical control of the lights. A scene controller could work but would rely on HA to work and would prove an issue if it went down. It might also be possible to wire the pull string to the micro switch but only I could reach it, short wife syndrome. :stuck_out_tongue:
Any other solutions I didn’t think of?

Have you thought about putting in an iFan03? it works manually with a 433mHz remote control and using Tasmota firmware you can integrate it into HA, too.

So you could just hardwire the fan and install the iFan03 into the fan canopy.

I’ve never heard of that, I’ll have to investigate.


There is a new Zooz switch coming out, hopefully by november according to Zooz, that has a dimmer and separate relay to allow control of two different devices. This might be my solution