Ceiling light fixture with ZigBee and classic switch impute

Hi, recently my celling light fixtures failed and they can’t be repaired, I was using Yeelight Relay to control them as they are dumb led lights. The Yeelight relays where not that great as they factory reset randomly do to power outages.

I already have the wires there, N - null wire, L - live wire, S1 - switched L from the dumb switch.
I was looking for an ceiling light that has dual control, one by the normal on/off dumb switch and one thru Zigbee, can anyone recommend some models?

Not sure what country you are located in, as that unfortunately makes a big difference in the built in lighting selection. USA is way behind ROW in this area. If price is no object, and you are not in USA, Hue has some very nice devices. The Hue products ‘support’ a function that has the light turn on to one of several options when turned on/off physically. Better to avoid by having a smart switch however, but an option (and good backup if all of the smarts dies in the house).

I have been experimenting with some of the Tuya branded lights in USA market. They are creating some interesting built in LED lighting products. The ‘catch’ here is that they are cloud connected to the Tuya infrastructure. If you are okay with that, HA has some good support for clund controlling most of these lights. There are some products in this Tuya universe that can be ‘hacked’ to be totally local controlled, which I prefer. Linked below is one such product I am using 100% local via WiFi and Home Assistant. The firmware that is installed (‘hacked’) on to these devices allows for the similar function I spoke of above, where you can set a power on light state (color, brightness) when physical power is applied to the unit. These device require a little work and finding ones that are compatible, however the ‘form, function and Price’ of some of these is really nice.
Good hunting!

Thanks David for the replay, but I did search and documented about the model you suggested and I did not find that has L, N and S1(switch) as imputes so is not matching my necessity.
You are perfectly right, the light needs to function with the standard switch and have the option to control it in a smart way. That is why the Yeelight relay where perfect as long as they did not reset, and even if they reset the button will always work.
I have some celling lights in the bedroom from xiaomi that work thru HA and ZigBee switch but in case something happens with HA they are useless.
I do not know how to search on google for a celling light that has this type of connections (if they even exist)

I did not properly understand your wiring config. Interesting light fixture, I had not heard of such prior. However I am wondering if a ‘standard’ light fixture/bulb ‘smart or dumb’ wired between N and S1 (if S1 carries mains voltage and can handle the amps of the light fixture would not work with a ‘dumb’ switch at your yeelight relay point, then replace the dumb switch with a zigbee ‘smart’ switch such as first link below or as do have a ‘dumb’ switch covered always on and covered by a 3d printed mount for the battery powered zigbee switch in 2nd link below:

One of the ‘super’ powers of zigbee switches and zigbee lights is the ability to ‘join’ them together directly without a middle ‘server’ like Home Assistant or zigbee2mqtt. The zigbee2mqtt server has some good tooks to create and manage these direct connections, it takes a little learning to figure out how ‘groups’ and such work in zigbee world. I have been experimenting with the Tuya/Moes 1,2,3 and 4 button battery powered wall switches. So far they seem to operate very well with zigbee2mqtt and are at good price point. I have not yet connected these switches directly to a zigbee bulb, however I am pretty sure that will work fine.

Good hunting!

Here is zigbee no neutral required (this switch does work in a neutral present config as well I think)

Here is the zigbee battery switch I spoke of:

I do not want to over complicate things (don’t get me wrong 90% of the smart things in my house are DIY), and as I stated I need that dumb switch to work all the time even if HA is off, this is the way currently works with the relays, they have retention bit so if you turn on light from dumb switch (switch position down) and then turn off light from HA the next time you flip the dumb switch (switch position up) the lights will turn on.
If I upgrade was thinking that the light will have dimming and color temperature.
I was just asking if someone has an idea how to search for some ceiling light with this capability.

Here is the way is done with re relays:

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