Ceiling light zigbee switch installation help


I’ve multiple lights in the living room and I’m looking an option to automate them with Zigbee switch, looking different options I’ve found a Sonoff device, but looking to their description seems is more to be placed on the switch directly

The device is https://sonoff.tech/product/diy-smart-switch/zbmini/

My idea is to place it on the ceiling light (line in the power and out to the lights) - I had a RF switch mounted that way some time ago… but not sure if it will work the same with those zigbee switches.

Is this possible ? have someone some information about the wiring instructions ?

This is not much different from a shelly device except it is zigbee. Here is a wiring diagram for a US 3-way switch.

So basically, is it possible perform the following scenarios with that switch?

  • Line IN plug to the wall → Line OUT to a Desk Lamp
  • Line IN 240V from ceiling → Line OUT the Ceiling Lamp

both without connect wall switch or anything, just to be managed automatically by a remote Zigbee remote or the mobile

I think you would need two devices to control them independently. One device from plug to wall to desk lamp. One for the ceiling lamp. You will need a neutral wire in both places. You would not connect anything to the switches. You are limited to 10A for each sonoff device.

If the neutrals are wired together then a jumper to Nin. Line in box to the line in (Lin) and load (Lout) to the lamp.

Not seeing your wiring, this is my best guess. YMMV I do not have this device so you will have to read the specs to confirm. I do own shellies and they work without being attached to a switch.

I found a different Sonoff device that could be the one you recommended for the lamp, for the ceiling what could you recommend ? (I’m using zigbee devices)

The device I had in the past is this one 2 x DiO Light modules with remote control - DiO Home - somehow is similar to the sonoff one, I will try get a picture of one of them

see here on a video for the mini:

If you have a neutral wire the zigbee mini will work for all of needs. You can choose to not hook up a switch and lights only controllable from HA.

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The zbmini should be a drop in replacement for this “DiO” modules. You don’t need a switch connected. Zigbee only control is fine.

Many thanks!
With the video now is clear, it should work installing them I had previously with DiO device without use the wall switch - according the installation and explanations I see