Celebrate 10 years with us

Join us on September 17 to look back on ten years of Home Assistant and hear some very special announcements…

Watch on YouTube: Home Assistant 10th Anniversary Event #HA10

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Congratulations all!

@ so cool to see the stream. Great story and great to see how enthousiast you all are :heart_eyes:.

Would love to see some more insights on “how” the magic is done with github and python as I am a non-coder-enthousiast-user and have absolutely no clue on how that all works. Possibly a next episode “how we all do the magic” :+1:.

Every day I look at my dashboard I have a small moment of happiness and every month I enjoy the new release! Combined with this forum Home Assistant makes me, my family and my home happy!

Thanks again all!

Congrats !

Happy 10th birthday

Already a big congrats to all of us!

Congrats !

Gratulujem !
Ste úžasný ľudia

Gratulujem k 10 . výročiu. Robíte skvelé veci pre Smart Home

Congratulations !

Congratulations all!