Centralite 3-Series Pearl Thermostat Issues

A moderately in-depth crawl through here hasn’t yielded any results for me, so…

I have a Centralite 3-Series Pearl Thermostat. It is detected through zha to some extent, but I cannot seem to get it working beyond turning the fan on. It is detected as zha device, and a fan. No device capable of heating or cooling turns up. Firing the fan.turn_on service DOES turn the fan on. No variation of services will turn it off.

Has anyone else managed to make one of these devices play nice? I’d like to at least turn the fan off, if I can’t control the HVAC component. And does anyone have any ideas on how I might go about making it behave or function more fully?

@BiscuitsInSpace Have you made any headway with this? I’m just starting to consider my options for a thermostat and had come across the Centralite Pearl. I like the idea of it since I don’t want a thermostat that requires a constant connection to their cloud services.

Cheers :beers:

@zubnola or @BiscuitsInSpace - I am having same issue. Has there been a breakthrough?

I was about to buy a pair of those thermostats as well. They were my #1 choice when I thought I was going to use Hubitat. I like the features and price, and they don’t look too bad either.

Now I’ll have to begin my search all over with Home Assistant in mind.


Good news for centralite Pearl and Home assistant integration! @rpress has a fork of the ZHA component which makes the Pearl integrate beautifully.

I have pi 3 b, hassio 102.1, and the HUSBZB stick.

See this thread: