CentraLite 3325-S not updating

I’m using the ZHA integration with the Nortek stick I just got. An old Centralite 3325-S motion sensor was discovered easily and has 3 entities: motion, battery, and temperature. None of the entites update at all. I tried removing and re-adding the device without success. It’s just sitting there indicating motion and an unchanging temperature and battery level. Am I doing something wrong, or does HA just not like this device?

First tip is to upgrade firmware if you have not already → https://github.com/walthowd/husbzb-firmware/

If still do not work then check → https://github.com/zigpy/zha-device-handlers/issues

PS: Even newer untested firmware linked in → https://github.com/walthowd/husbzb-firmware/issues/36