CentraLite 4257050-RZHAC Configuration from ZHA

I have two 4257050-RZHAC successfully paired with ZHA on 2023.3.6. I’d like to configure power reporting thresholds/intervals but am not sure the right way to go about it.

Looking at old smart-things device handlers for these I see stuff like Iris-Smart-Plug/iris-smart-plug.groovy at 9f5b1356489f54282614dfd393db488773906ffc · blebson/Iris-Smart-Plug · GitHub but I’m not clear how to manually execute that in ZHA.

I’m guessing the “ideal” approach is to get a quirk added to zha-device-handlers/zhaquirks/centralite at dev · zigpy/zha-device-handlers · GitHub for these outlets.

Any tips for either:

  • Manually poking at the config parameters
  • Writing and testing a quirk config for zigpy?