Cerberus anti theft

Cerberusapp.com for location tracking and other capability

Using Cerberus for location tracking would drain the device’s battery extremely quickly since it keeps the GPS radio active the entire time it’s locating the device.

It’s not really viable.

Cerberus is similar to Google location sharing where it doesn’t short frequency of polling. Cerberus can also be “triggered” from their website to get the latitude and longitude. I emailed Cerberus and haven’t heard response but they’d need some sort of API to “trigger” then wait, then “retrieve” which would then populate in home assistant. You could even have home assistant triggering what you would consider battery acceptable (i.e. every 30 minutes). Or if trying to get location of “leaving work” make it every 10 minutes during normal work hours. It would be nice for a low battery method of knowing geo-fencing. Any geofencing agent like Google location sharing or Zanzito has to use GPS (or inaccurate wifi) to send at some frequency. Some will gather local to the phone then if a large enough distance (i.e. moved 400 feet) then update to the web (i.e. use some battery). Triggering on conditions from home automation would be even more efficient if using for conditions in home automation, I’d think.