Certain Zigbee Motion Sensors connected but Automation not working?

Hi all,

Total newbie here, only been on HA for just over a week. First post in the community.

Hear goes, be gentle with me!

I have a Standard HA Yellow, running HA Core
Home Assistant 2023.8.3
Supervisor 2023.08.1
Operating System 10.4
Frontend 20230802.1 - latest
With built in ZHA

I’ve been struggling with learning HA & even setting up automation’s, or so I thought.
I have no experience with coding, no clue how to use Yaml yet. Was previously using Alexa, Google Home & other Smart device apps to support my automation effects.

Today I found that I might be having issues with certain motion sensors & that is the issue, not my lack of HA skill! Figured it was surely me, seeing I know nothing.

I’ve pulling my hair out with a std on/off motion sensor automation for the laundry. No conditions for time or anything. Just on with motion / off when no motion.

The Light is a Philips Hue RGB Lightstrip
Motion sensor is a mini done Tuya Smart Generic Zigbee 3.0:
Screenshot 2023-08-20 133616

It’s showing in HA fine:
Screenshot 2023-08-20 134204

But this automation will NOT work.

To test my theory that HA might not like this sensor, I used the exact same automation but changed the sensor & lights over to my Master room. And it works fine!
For reference, in my Master Room I have 4 x Philips Hue RBG Downlights
Motion Sensor is a Zemismart Zigbee 3.0:
Screenshot 2023-08-20 133921

The only real difference is the motion sensor. I did have the motion sensors working on my Zemismart Zigbee Hub, I will say the dome motion sensors aren’t great at picking up motion tbh but did still work, just not that well.

Does anyone know of any issues with the generic Tuya Zigbee Dome motion sensors?
I searched the forum, but couldnt find anything.

Sorry if this is long, or if I’ve missed any relevant info, will edit this post if needed.