Certificate Authority and self-signed certificate for SSL/TLS

thanks for the guide.
now my companion app on android tablet does not work. even though in settings, i gave it the new address of https://ip:8123 instead of older http://ip:8123. any idea on how to get companion app working with https?

What happens if you browse to the URL using the mobile browser instead?

secure connection failed. so i click on accept the risk and continue. not a problem.

but i really need the Companion app to work for this addon named Asterisk to work.
i did import the fullchain.pem file as instructed here but that did not work

Means that most likely the companion app is not trusting the CA that you installed. Chrome honors user-installed CA’s, by the way, but each app can choose to do it or not. Some even have their own CA store, like Firefox. I use a publicly trusted CA for my HA certificate, so I’m not sure whether the app trusts user CA’s.

I have a OnePlus and CA’s go under Install a certificate > CA certificate. WiFi and VPN certificates are for network authentication.

ok. im happy to say this method works HOWTO - Configure Home Assistant app using "valid" self-signed certificates
thanks everyone

This is a really stupid question, but… I’m running HA on a Odroid N2, and I’m unsure on how to upload the .pem files to my /ssl/ directory. Do I need to open a local HA CLI, “login” from here to get a generic Linux prompt, and copy them from here? Or do I need to use the WebUI somehow?

Hello Guys,

I have created the certificates using the instructions here. I can now access homeassistant via https both from browser and homeassistant android app.

But now TTS is not working, how do I fix this ?

Kindly guide

What does that mean? Where is the most up to date guide?