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Certificate expiry sensor


I’ve update the default sensor to interval be able to be set. I’m looking for tester to try it out.



Just out of curiosity, why would you want to set an interval? Certificates are usually valid for a full year, so normally that number should only change once a year no?


I think LetsEncrypt certificates are 90 days.


Ah, ok. Never used it before though, doesn’t it renew automatically?

Srry for the questions, I am just a curious person by nature. Unfortunately I use my own certificates so I can’t help test it. (And if I do tell me what the steps are).


yes, I’m using a docker version of letsencrypt

renews automatically when the number says is below 30.


Its 90 days for lets encrypt and I have script that pushs the certs to HA from Pfsense. There are times when home assistant when dose not update the certificate, say after a reboot and I don’t want to wait 12 hours when I check the status. Also I just wanted try my hand at a simple component at I am just learning python.



great.Thank you for taking the time and sharing.